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The Iab-aimc Digital Measurements Council Is Born

It will represent the entire advertising sector, since it will have among its representatives media agencies, portals, media, networks and advertisers.As an evolution of the working group created 2 years ago by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB Spain) and the Association for Media Research (AIMC), the “Digital Measurements Council” was born.Said Council will ensure the development, correct operation and consensus in the measurement of digital audiences. It will be made up of 9 representatives of the main players in the market: media agencies, portals, media, networks and advertisers, with a representative from each of the two associations that support it, IAB and AIMC. Currently the members of the “Council of Digital Measurements” are:

In order to improve the measurement Cayman Islands Phone Numbers List of audiences in interactive media, AIMC and IAB have agreed that the main task of the Council is to facilitate contact between the main players in the digital market and thus stimulate the relationships necessary to improve measurement.

Mobile phone advertising has already reached users

The Interactive Advertising Bureau, the Association that represents the interactive advertising sector in Spain, today presented the first Study of the Internet and interactivity on mobiles and other portable devices , carried out in collaboration with The Cocktail Analysis.According to the results of the Report, six out of ten Internet users (57% of those surveyed) have accessed the Internet through their mobile phone at some point, almost 100% when we talk about smartphone users (next-generation phones). In addition, there seems to be a trend towards a higher connection frequency (reported by 27%), during longer periods (21%) and for tasks for which they did not connect before (31%).

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The most popular mobile advertising systems are SMS and MMS: 86% of Internet users declare having received an SMS (69% for MMS). Of the remaining formats, 36% recall being impacted by advertising when browsing and 19% through Bluetooth. The knowledge of the BIDI codes is lower: only 6% of the respondents state that they have used / received them.

Despite the fact that the behavior towards mobile advertising tends to be passive (only 4% declare “clicking on the ad to see more information” when browsing on the move, and an advertising SMS / MMS is practically never forwarded), 72% would be willing to receive advertising in exchange for compensation or benefit, and 35% are interested in the possibility of receiving exclusive information / content.

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