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The importance of social media marketing strategies

México, DF.- Social networks are becoming a very useful tool for companies to be able to reach customers more effectively and promote direct communication, in real time and respond immediately.A study carried out by Carat indicates that during 2013 the advertising investment will register a growth of 3.7 percent, while for 2014 it will reach 5 percent.In this sense, an analysis of Six Pixels of Separation reveals that social networks are a magnificent opportunity to create links between brands, companies, advertisers with customers, suppliers and the general public.In this sense, it establishes that marketing strategies have to be aimed at generating trust and meeting customer requirements. Everyone in the organization is important, from the executive level to the operational level.

Likewise, it is very important to invest in Bermuda Email List research on customer behavior on social networks: what interests them; what are your requirements; what aspects should be improved.The team that will be in charge of customer service must be trained and motivated to serve customers in a timely manner. The “one-stop shop” for service will be through a social network.Teamwork is vital and the objectives shared by all members, the success of a brand, product, service depends on this vital synergy.

FueraChepo generates 23 million impressions

Mexico, DF .- Soccer is undoubtedly the most popular sport in Mexico , and when the national team plays, everything comes to Bermuda Email List a standstill, taking this passion to unsuspected levels. This passion was reflected last Sunday, July 7, when the team led by José Manuel de la Torre was defeated 2-1 by his counterpart from Panama in the 2013 Gold Cup , causing the annoyance of the people who turned to Twitter with the hashtag OutsideChepo.Although the hashtag had already been used in several of the team’s last defeats in the Confederations Cup and the Concacaf Final Hexagonal towards Brazil 2014 , it was not until last Sunday when it reached the number 1 position within the Trending. Topics at the national level.

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In the hours after the Gold Cup game, held at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, #FueraChepo reached a total of 22 million 907 thousand 350 impressions throughout the Mexican Republic, a result of 23 thousand 389 tweets Bermuda Email List generated by thousands of fans annoyed with the management of Chepo.This Thursday the Mexican team will once again take to the field to continue its participation in the 2013 Gold Cup facing Canada and if it comes out with an adverse result, surely the hashtag will once again occupy the top positions and will probably be able to unseat itself .

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