The Indestructible Phone From Caterpillar

The brand of heavy machinery, mining equipment and everything related to the construction industry, has taken an important step. Caterpillar enters the world of cell phones with its first smartphone, which promises to be ‘indestructible’, focused mainly on workers in these sectors, here we show you the “Cat Phone”.

B15 Cat Phone , this is how Mozambique Email List the first Caterpillar Smartphone has been baptized, which, in conjunction with the company Bullit Group, set out to open the market for this prestigious company (there was a previous attempt, the B10, however it failed to meet design expectations and size). This mobile is designed not to need any type of extra protectors, which make work difficult for construction workers, and other complex tasks in this area. The Cat phone can withstand up to 30 minutes underwater, dust and drops are not a problem either.

6 reasons not to buy followers on social media

It happens every so often. We find offers to buy ‘followers’ at a low price, which for some may be a temptation, because, supposedly, the more followers you have, the more influential you are. However, the truth does not go that way. Let’s review why buying followers is not a good idea.In a virtual planet, which suggests many worlds, there are concrete elements (products, services, measurement) that generate the basis of the business, one of the aspects of the company and a little bit of magic, given by the creativity of the digital marketing strategy .

But for these two planes to coexist, something fundamental is necessary: real interlocutors . Without them, nothing works.That is the first big reason. Then, we can review others, derived from the main one.The fake followers are obvious. Either because they do not interact – yes, there are voyeuristic twitter users, we know, but they are the least – because they do not have data and they are a dry account when it comes to information.

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More does not mean more. It is easy to collect followers manually, it is not easy to maintain them. The numbers do not necessarily mean that you are influential. If your content is deficient, you will probably start to lose those who are not interested in having one more account that only takes up space.

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