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The Interactivity Of Advertising On The IPad Generates A Good Response From Its Users

IPad users are true fans of their tablet, a new advertising opportunity for advertisers especially if they know how to take advantage of all the possibilities offered by this new medium.According to a study on iPad satisfaction, use and response to advertising conducted by UM and Time Inc., nine out of ten iPad users who read magazines are likely to subscribe to the iPad version of the magazine and I would also recommend them to his friends to do the same.

The study also concludes that users have a very good response to advertising on the iPad. Eighty-six percent of those surveyed were struck by the eye-catching photos and visuals and 82% by the interactive features of the ads. IPad users spend an average of 17.8 seconds viewing video ads followed by photo galleries.

The advertising that attracts South Korea Phone Number List the most attention is the one that includes a video that shows more information about the product, that includes slides or photo galleries, or that allows a 360º view of the advertised product. These types of devices offer a large number of possibilities that the print editions and online versions of magazines do not offer.

The Nielsen company conducted a survey in which it was observed that iPad owners are more attracted to advertising than other tablet users, above all, due to the new types of ads that the support allows and are also more likely to acquire the advertised products.

The Success Of Video Marketing Campaigns Does Not Only Depend On Creativity

Brands, businesses, and organizations are rapidly adopting online video marketing as a valuable tool in their marketing approach. Taking into account that video marketing is based on the power of the messages that are shared through social networks, blogs, publications and searches, it is necessary to assess the extent to which creativity is vital in the campaign.

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The key points to create and execute an online video marketing campaign that generates a return on investment are to establish the objectives that must be measurable, design the strategy, develop creativity and produce the video to, later, launch the campaign and measure the results.

Although creativity is an important aspect of the campaign, it is not the first priority unless you know what you are trying to achieve with the video and the audience you want to reach. Otherwise, the campaign will not achieve the objectives set and it will be a real failure, no matter how creative it may be, since, despite having millions of views, it will not share or generate conversation or vitality.

The secret is to find a balance in which the campaign is creative, adds value, reaches the desired audience and gets users to share and comment so that the results are profitable at the lowest possible cost and does not become paid advertising.

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