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The LinkedIn video to celebrate its 10 years

Last week LinkedIn celebrated 10 years of existence, and it has much to celebrate, since it currently has 225 million users and increasingly announces more functions for the productivity of its platform. In addition, for his anniversary he presented a video where he shows testimonies about the benefits of using his social network.LinkedIn is a social network that allows users to create a professional profile with data about their work experience and academic studies. That way, people share their resume to find a better job. In addition, it is increasingly used by companies looking for new talent.

In recent days, LinkedIn has Norfolk Island Email List announced improvements to its platform, either in its desktop or mobile version. For example, for smartphones they relaunched an application for iOs, LinkedIn Contacts , an “intelligent” contact management system, which allows linking with Google , Yahoo and Microsoft , with the idea of ​​improving the interaction between people and their work environment.Last week when they announced that they were celebrating 10 years of existence, they also reported that they reached the number of 225 million registered users on their network.

To celebrate their anniversary they presented a video where they show several testimonials about the benefits that people have obtained thanks to LinkedIn.

The 3 Pillars Of Success For A Community Manager

Whatever they say, Community Managers are a fundamental pillar in any company. Currently it is necessary that your product is on the network, moreover, it is essential that the social networks in which you are present are managed by the correct person. Does that want to be you? In this article we will show you several tips that are essential for CMs of all sectors.The main role of the Community Manager is to attract the reader, who is a potential buyer or viewer of the product that is being offered. You do this by keeping your followers up to date on promotions, answering questions, generating interest in potential buyers, etc. However we will focus on the attraction of the reader .

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Working from home can make us less creative.No matter what you are promoting, an attractive title is a must. It has to be a call to the person to continue reading what you have published, to press click to find out the rest of the story. It is necessary to create that small need to know what is the answer to the question that you have proposed. If the title is right, you will have half the job done.Publishing an image that is related to the content and encourages you to continue discovering what that brand has to tell you, it is very important! Depending on the field, this is your perfect opportunity to get into the playful and look for images that contain a quota of humor or that encourages a good discussion. The more people interact with your product, the more you do a good job.

Another great point that a Community Manager must consider is the generation of expectation . Delivering all content at once is not attractive. This is mostly true of blogs and websites. The first paragraph is a hook, the most important information is found after “reading more”. This same rule can be used on Facebook, delivering small paragraphs about a story that you will tell a few hours later.Returning to the title and by way of conclusion, if we think about the logic of any construction – that is not a pyramid, obviously – we will imagine 4 pillars. However, the number three here causes curiosity, perhaps on an unconscious level, and makes for a good hook. That is what we have to look for every day: a hook, a true story and the best way to tell it.

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