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Spanish SMEs still do not feel the importance of a good logo and this is something that has a negative impact on their brand image Spain.- Although it may seem incredible, most Spanish companies still do not give importance to the design of Czechia B2B List their corporate image, as pointed out by 360imprimir, the platform specialized in offering marketing services to companies. And it is that, according to this information, it also appears that most SMEs have a logo that negatively affects the credibility and image of the company.Basically, it could be said that the majority of SMEs in Spain (a large part of the Spanish business fabric) neglect their corporate image due to the lack of investment in a marketing strategy, either due to lack of budget or to allocate it to other less important items .According to Rut Martínez, spokesperson for 360imprimir, “as the current market works, you cannot afford to skimp on brand design and it is probably one of the most important decisions that companies must make at the beginning.

Having a good logo is essential as it will appear on any printed or visual element of the company ”.On the other hand, large companies do invest large amounts of money in marketing and are clear that the design of the corporate image and the logo is one of the most important aspects to build the brand identity, when it begins its journey and also when there are changes in the service or in the business concept.The logo is the visible face of the company and represents the first impact with customers and its design not only speaks of the activity of the company but also of its values.

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For Rut Martínez, “deciding the brand image is one of the most important decisions that any company must make at the beginning, since without SEO EBL a good logo, customers will not trust it and it is possible that they will never have the opportunity to demonstrate the quality of its services”.Therefore, it could be said that, in the case of SMEs, they must find a balance between their essence and the image they intend to convey to customers. In addition, it is essential that a preliminary study of the image, color, typeface be carried out and create visual coherence between these elements so that the logo is “totally perceptible at any scale”, as Martínez points out.

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