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The media battle for national music

A great controversy has flooded social networks for the fight around a new bill that seeks to promote national music. This is in contrast to the campaign made by ARCHI (Chilean Radio Broadcasters Association) against the approval of this law. Here we tell you more in length.The controversial “20% law” has been on the lips of all these 阿根廷电话号码表 last months. This initiative promoted by artists and music workers in Chile, seeks that, by law, a minimum of 20% daily of national product must be programmed in all radio stations that broadcast music. Chilean artists argue that most of the music broadcast by radio stations is chosen by three multinational record companies, which are not closely related to Chilean reality and do not give enough space for the local product to be heard by the people. , which generates very negative consequences for the country’s musical circle.

Within what has been commented on social networks, opinions are divided. However, many accuse the ARCHI campaign of being crude and lacking solid arguments, since the music that is programmed in this minute in Chile comes from certain multinational record companies, so they are “imposing the music on us”, which it is the same postulate that they seek to avoid. On the side of those who support the 20% law, I do not know what kind of music should be broadcast, which leaves out the argument of radio broadcasters about altering their editorial lines. The creators do not intend to impose names or styles, the important thing for them is that it be a national product, which is totally viable given the artistic diversity of the country.

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On the other hand, the ARCHI (Chilean Radio Broadcasters Association) started a campaign against this controversial law, since it thinks that 搜索引擎优化 national music should not be imposed on the people, and that this would only enrich the managers of the SCD (Chilean Copyright Society).This situation will continue to cause people to talk, the artists have already organized on various occasions generating protests and outdoor concerts to inform people of this situation. Various hashtags have also flooded Twitter in support of Chilean music.

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