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The method is like a magazine special operation and the logic of

The method is like a magazine special operation, and the logic of editing and editing is fresh. For example, “Feng Mai and Feng Guan” attempts to re-interpret Jiang Hui and Fei Yuqin’s famous songs in a huge but young way. There are many singers doing large compilations and retranslations, but this issue of Long Live Music is trying to preserve the old songs themselves. , supplemented by the tone of the new generation, coupled with the background commentary of the year, added some speculation to such a performance. It is neither a complete subversion and adaptation, nor a complete collection. The combination is like sorting out the evolution of popular culture in that year.

It was only with hindsight that I found out that Cai Qin also
Another example is “best-selling albums around the twentieth century”, which gave some pop songs that were too hot at the time to have a fairer chance. Whether these popular songs from the “bad street” of the past can still exude the charm of the works from the mouths of the new generation of singers, is the popularity of the year a beautiful misunderstanding, or is it really a taste for the refined and the popular, when I watched this episode of the program, these popped out in my mind doubt. The performances of the singers in the show can be heard, but they are not participating in the competition, and the show team does not want to create such an atmosphere. The original charm of the work is closely linked to the viewing value of the program.

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Went to “Long Live Music No. 4” once. The whole performance is much better than the green dress a few years ago, and the sound is more calm. Even more unexpectedly, she sang “I’ll Give You Your Life” for the first time on a Taiwanese TV show. I vaguely remember that she said in the interview that after joining Doenjang, she felt that she was ignored by the market. Dian Jiang’s last album had two songs in the title, which was rare in that era, like a record push in the 1970s. “My Life For You” was placed third on the B side, and was used as the theme song of the TV series Thunderstorm, but the days when the series sang popular theme songs have passed.

When Silly Talk was released the mainstream pop music genre
In Taiwan was getting closer to the rhythm of the European and American streets. Li Ji specially wrote an essay at the front of the frontispiece, emphasizing why they chose this orientation to make such an album. The whole album follows a refined adult lyrical style, which highlights the tension and volume of the soundtrack, and the timbre of the instruments. It completely abandons the melody and production method of K songs and bitter love songs, and throws away the interpretation on the copywriting. In the category of commercial pop music at that time Look, this is showing the singer’s voice and song selection with an almost plain face.

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