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The Panini Stickers Are Reinvented.The First Augmented Reality Album Arrives

Sony Computer Entertainment Spain and the Italian multinational Panini launch today the first collection of augmented reality stickers with the popular creatures of the exclusive PSP video games Invizimals ™ and Invizimals ™: The other dimension.In a simple way, an impressive result is achieved. Each card contains the image of one of the 231 Invizimals, but also some special augmented reality markers (the so-called ‘cheats’ that are used to play on PSP ™, but with different appearances). With these markers, the Invizimals can be seen in motion through the PSP ™ system (PlayStation®Portable) and the Go! Cam, exactly the same as in video games. These are the first 2.0 stickers to hit the market.

Now fans of the saga developed by the Barcelona studio Novarama will have the opportunity to collect and classify on paper, but also in motion and in augmented reality, these fantastic monsters that, until now, could only be seen once they had been hunted in the titles by Invizimals for PSP ™.

Thanks to this collection, Invizimals hunters will be able to see the appearance of countless Saudi Arabia Phone Number List monsters that they did not yet know because they had not caught them through the story mode of the two installments of the video game, as well as the three stages of evolution of each one of the Invitationals. To facilitate their search and learning, the Invitationals in the album are classified according to their essential characteristics: Desert, Fire, Ice, Jungle, Ocean and Rock.

“This is an agreement between Paganini and both leading companies in their sectors, to bring to the market the first collection of augmented reality stickers, which is a milestone in the world of collecting that we know fans will love. Invitationals ™ ”, says Juan Jimenez, PlayStation® software manager.

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According to Luis Torrent, general director of Paganini España SA: “The Invizimals project is a new example of our synergistic alliances with other companies in the children’s segment and one more example of Panini’s strong commitment to new technologies applied to chromium.”

Advertising, mobile devices and television take over the urban population

The advertising market is constantly evolving, the ways of contacting the target audience change and new media appear every day that allow us to impact users at any time of the day. And what better than the Chinese market to discover new ways to reach our target such as mobile television.Screens in the subway that offer announcements and information about the next train, televisions in public buses, a taxi driver showing how to use the touch screen in the car, coverage in the subway to make the journey more enjoyable. Mobile advertising is changing the habits and lifestyle of Chinese citizens.

This boom in advertising media is driven by the increase in the use of mobile devices and smartphones, and above all by improvements in telecommunications networks. We are experiencing the democratization of Internet use.The new generation of ‘users’ in the Asian giant almost never travels without a mobile. They use it in the morning to see what the weather is like, read news, or access social media or email. They use their GPS to get to work and when they get bored they download music or read a book.

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