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The Platform Advertising, Yes! Calls on the European Parliament for a Balanced Regulation to Develop a Competitive Digital Market

The ¡Publicidad, Sí! Platform, made up of 19 Spanish associations and organizations, has sent an open letter to members of the European Parliament urging a balance between consumer concerns about online advertising and the development of a market for competitive digital advertising.

In Europe, two legislative Latvia Phone Number List projects are currently being debated, such as the Digital Markets Act (DMA) and the Digital Services Act (DSA) that will directly affect, among other factors, personalized advertising, and their prohibition may be ruled if they continue some proposals aimed at this objective.

Given this, both from the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA), and from the IAB Europe advocates maintaining a constructive conversation about how to take advantage of the benefits of personalized advertising while ensuring privacy and data protection of the citizens.As recalled from these associations and from the platform as a whole, ¡Publicidad, Sí !, “data-based advertising.

Amazon has gone from being a curiosity in the advertising market to becoming a prominent player, so much so, in fact, that analysts see it as one of the few names that could break the power of the duopoly, the group formed by Google and Facebook and that dominates the online advertising market. Therefore, the advertising figures that Amazon moves in advertising revenue have become one more element to take into account to understand how the market is.

How much money does Amazon bill for advertising? The truth is that the exact numbers cannot be known, because the giant is not yet including those amounts in its presentation of financial results in a disaggregated way. Amazon is not clear which numbers are exclusively generated by advertising. However, the analytics use data from the division into which ad revenue is embedded as a benchmark. Although more things go into these accounts, ads are the main source of income for that division.

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Thus, it can be determined that Amazon has earned in the last quarter for which data is available, the third, 8,090 million dollars in ads. It is the turnover figure for your “other” division. The numbers are very high, although slightly bittersweet. Analyst expectations were slightly higher and annual growth slightly lower than in previous quarters. This led to the numbers being viewed critically in markets.

However, despite this, the amounts imply growth: compared to the investment in advertising that Amazon capitalized last year, that of the third quarter of this year was 49% more.Despite the fact that the problems of the distribution chain affect the giant and that purchases in stores are increasingly common, which means the appearance of a clear competitor for the attention of their potential buyers, advertisers continue to want to position themselves on Amazon . Your advertising products continue to arouse interest.

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