The Return On Investment Of digital Advertising Begins To Exceed

Advertising through online channels generates “substantially” more revenue than television, print and outdoor advertising campaigns, according to a GfK study.The study, carried out in the United Kingdom, was based on eight major consumer goods advertising campaigns to measure the short-term sales of advertising on different media. The results of this research reveal that television continues to be the main channel for advertisers in terms of investment volume. However, the data also shows that online advertising can compete with print and outdoor advertising campaigns in terms of audience reach and audience.

In this sense, and according to Denmark Phone Number List the data in the report, digital campaigns reach a total of 33% of the online population, although the press in the first place shows a higher percentage of 40% and 30% in the case of outdoor advertising.Even so, undoubtedly and most importantly, the short-term average return on investment (ROI) for digital advertising is calculated at 75 pence (0.85 Euros) for every pound invested (1.14 Euros), compared to 66 pence (0.75 Euros) for the press, 53 for outdoor advertising and 43 – surprisingly low – in the case of television.

To carry out the research, 8,000 consumers were surveyed, of which 25% were exclusively exposed to at least one online advertisement, without the knowledge of television equivalents. Almost half (46%) of the people exposed to ads on YouTube had no contact with the corresponding TV ads.The findings of the study show that the results could lead to a more drastic change in the priorities of those responsible for advertising in the media.

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GfK’s Babita Earle notes that “With the huge increase in online advertising in the coming years it is vitally important that media managers handle quality information and relevant data so that they can fully understand the best ways to optimize advertising investment, both online and offline. The results of this study will help marketers to re-evaluate their budgets to take advantage of the great possibilities that the Internet offers companies and brands. “

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