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The Video Game Sector Multiplies Its Advertising Potential In Video

Spain is the fourth European market for video game consumption, with a turnover of around 1,245 million euros, according to data from the ADESE Yearbook. This volume is reflected in a notable consumption of online video corresponding to this channel, which is also continuously growing. This expansive trend represents an unparalleled opportunity for agencies and advertisers looking to connect with their audience and increase brand recall and engagement.

With a turnover of 1,245 million euros, Spain ranks fourth in Europe in terms of business volume. Currently, the video game sector leads the leisure industry in our country. In addition, this market will grow globally by more than 45%, going from the 56,000 million dollars registered in 2010 to 82,000 million in 2015, according to the data of the Spanish Association of Distributors and Publishers of Entertainment Software (ADESE), published in the 2010 Yearbook.

ADESE also foresees, in the France Mobile Number Database medium term (2015) an evolution of the video game paradigm towards integration on TV and on any device with Internet access, digital distribution, ‘a virtual server’ (along with the rest of the Internet possibilities ). That is, the disappearance of the console and physical game in favor of the download and streaming mode.

Spain and Europe are also experiencing a real boom in multiplayer network games. Video portals such as Ustream, Livestream, Own3D, Justin TV, offer players the possibility to share their games live through social networks or on the same sites. This phenomenon is massive among those under 30 years of age, gathering more than 6 million users in Spain. Users share their tricks and ratings of the games on their console or pc. In the USA the first TV channels have appeared where live video game competitions are held. In addition, the spectators who participate in the competitions win important financial prizes.

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In this scenario, video game pages are an ideal space for agencies and advertisers to communicate with their audience, generating brand memory and empathy. Aware of this reality, smartclip, has expanded its inventory including the new video website specialized in video games Own3d TV, which adds an extensive list of sites that includes Juegos.com, Mindjolt, Twitch Tv, Gamepro Tv, Regame, in addition to the online games Warhammer, World Warcraft. The current trend to share games in video format has led the Own3d portal to lead its category with in Spain with more than 2.2 million videos viewed per month in Spain and 800,000 viewers.

In short, advertising in the video game sector known as IGA (“In game advertising”), is presented as one of the options with the greatest potential for development in the coming years. According to the latest Screen Digest study, it will reach 1,000 million dollars in 2014. Among its advantages, smartclip highlights, firstly, the expansion of the player profile, but also the greater acceptance of advertising in this field, provided that it is creative and little intrusive. Xavier Rius Planas, CEO of smartclip, tells us that by meeting these requirements, advertisements in this sector generate greater recall capacity and have a greater influence on consumer habits.

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