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The whale of Paris: an ambient marketing action to raise public awareness

To raise awareness about the problems of climate change, the activist group Captain Boomer stranded a whale in the middle of the Seine River email address in french in Paris Paris (France) .- Just a day ago, the citizens and tourists of Paris were surprised by the image of a whale stranded in the middle of the Seine River in the French capital. It turns out that the whale was not real and that it is an ambient marketing action to raise awareness about the importance of curbing climate change .The action has been created by the Belgian collective “Captain Boomer” and the whale was thrown by several men equipped with white overalls who threw water on the false whale of 15 meters long that appeared on the edge of the Parisian river, a few meters from the Notre Dame Cathedral.The whale of “Captain Boomer” was installed with the complicity of the Paris authorities and it is not the first time that this group has carried out an ambient marketing action of this type since, since the group began in 2007, it has carried out actions similar in other cities such as London and Valencia.

According to “Captain Boomer”, the whale constitutes a “gigantic metaphor for the deregulation of the ecosystem” and the artistic intention, in this case of ambient marketing, joins the educational dimension, since the group also has the support of various royal experts.The truth is that although this is a metaphor, in whale stranding is something real. For example, earlier this year, a total of 416 specimens of a species known as pilot whales were stranded off the coast of New Zealand.

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Many will be those who wonder what the whale SEO EBL has to do with climate change, but the truth is that the increase in temperatures has a direct impact on the oceans. According to IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare, if its acronym is translated into Spanish), cetaceans face the loss of food sources, changes in the food chain of the entire ocean and, in addition, it should be added the impact on migratory routes and the consequences of their breeding places.

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