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How to Hold Your Own Contest

Data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Onegin) indicate that in our country there are 53 million economically active brazil business email list people, active workers, some with long-term profiles within their companies and others with constant rotation. These 4 CEO believe that if an employee decides to stay for a long period in a company, they must develop the following qualities.Goldman Sachs. Its CEO, Lloyd Blankenship, advised his senior employees to “take ownership” of their careers and for this, he personally shares his ideas with them, a phase in which they must share their ideas and discuss them with Lloyd, since according to him, the company is moving forward faster with these dynamics.

Birch box. The Co-founder, Katina Beau-champ, believes that senior employees must show as their final goal the pursuit of “the success of the entire company and its team”, that is, demonstrate their commitment to the opportunities they have, big or small. According to her, “Aspiring people hope to be able to do exceptional things.” And it does not seem wrong, since experts agree that phrases such as “our goals” or “we have seen …” project people as long-term bosses. Insure on. Its CEO, Ted Devin, says there is a huge difference between people who “really want to help the company improve and those who treat it just like a job.” According to Devin, senior employees are first evaluated for their talent, beyond their size, skills and aspirations.

In addition, it recommends that if employees do not spend 14 hours in an office, they only set their tasks with pending, follow a calendar and SEO EBL schedule deadlines.Camping World. Its CEO, Marcus Lemons, ensures that most people work as if “it were a career that has to be won”, although the achievement must be joint, not individual. Lemons believes that an employee with long aspirations at the company offers help, contributes in other ways and does not usually go unnoticed.

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