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The actor who plays Hot Pie in “Game of Thrones” opened a bakery to promote the seventh season of the series with cookies in the shape of Directionless (UK) .- ” Game of Thrones ” has become a phenomenon. The audiences are millionaires and, for a dubai schools email address few years now, it is the most pirated series, that is, the one that is downloaded the most legally and, each chapter, is one of the most commented on social networks, especially on Twitter, where every Sunday when a new episode of the series airs it becomes a Trending Topic. This seventh season is having a lot of marketing, as shown by the last initiative that we have known.In this new season of ” Game of Thrones ” the character of Hot Pie appears (which in Spanish could be translated as “Hot Cake” and, to promote his character and the series, the actor who plays him has opened a patisserie in London and In it, he makes cookies in the shape of Direwolf, from the House of Stark.

The pop-up bakery opened under the name “You Know Nothing John Dough” and only opened its doors, exclusively, on July 17, the day on which the seventh season of “Game of Thrones” and the cookies were released. they sold out in just a few hours. In addition, all those who ordered the cookies through the Deliveroo app were able to enjoy them in their own home.

These are the top 3 jobs of the future, according SEO EBL to the World Economic Forum.According to the actor himself “people always ask me about the secret of my recipe, but I cannot share that.”At the moment, these Hot Pie cookies have only been tasted during that day and in London , although seeing the success of the initiative, it is not surprising that they think about making this product a reality and selling it throughout the year.

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