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Three Quarters Of Consumers

Not something you own as a company. It is formed in dialogue. It’s something holistic, a set of shared beliefs among the company’s people, customers and associates. Do you dare to get started with brand building? We give you three tips! 1. Invest in a large reach! Identity Design, Illustration by Jan Bunk. With an identity design you think of a congruent story of values, character traits and the meaning of those aspects. Brand building campaigns are about creating a large reach. Because the larger the group of people with a similar image of your brand, the more convincing it becomes. Your goal is to reach a large group of people who can connect to the corresponding image of your brand.
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Give your campaign a big stage, invest in visibility. Integrated communication is the starting point here. Use all your channels in a way that maximizes the repeat effect at the receiver. Give recipients the opportunity to engage with your brand by showing them why the brand is relevant to them. Each platform has its own specifications, but what you want to convey remains the same in all your communication. Translate the campaign’s communications to each channel. This increases the reach and therefore also the group of people with a corresponding image of your brand.

Give your brand a face You can have the shared beliefs of your brand expressed by your ambassadors. Such a representative role is often designed with celebrities and social media influencers. The ambassador’s image reflects on your organization. Nowadays anyone can be an ambassador or influencer. Who are your loyal ambassadors? They are often under the same roof: your employees . It’s up to you to train them to be homegrown micro or nano influencers . Create an internal ambassador program in which you guide your employees in their online visibility and findability.

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