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Trends 2012: Video Will Lead The Growth Of Online Ads

Advertising, especially for content, is increasingly focused on video, as it is a means of communication that reproduces the wealth that consumers associate with television, but often at a lower cost.The virtuous cycle of content and technology adoption that consumers are experiencing has also fueled this trend. eMarketer estimates that in the US, video ad spend will grow at a compound annual rate of 38% over five years (ending in 2015), making this category the fastest growing category for online spending.

It is expected that for that year, the global spending of video ads will reach 7.11 billion Canada Phone Number List Database dollars (US), compared to 2.16 billion in 2011. In the last year the growth was 52.1%.Also, in countries like the United Kingdom, video advertising will be in the lead, growing at a CAGR of 65% in five years. By 2015, spending will reach 850 million, compared to 150 million dollars in 2011. As a total percentage of online advertising, video will grow to 8.2% in 2015, when it is currently at 2 ,one%.

Still challenges remain, including the high price of online video ads and the need to improve their dissemination and measurement. There are several factors to mitigate these problems, so it is expected to continue growing strongly these years.These factors include improved user-generated content filtering technologies, enabling publishers to better monetize their ads, the appearance of cost per view, increased use of interactive ad units, magnetic content, and more. Most importantly, the rationalization and targeting of video ads.

Brands that do not understand what the online consumer wants flood the digital world with ‘garbage’

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Companies are wasting time and money trying to reach their consumers in the online world without realizing that people feel invaded in their social networks, according to the results of Digital Life, a global study launched today by TNS, a group company Kantar and part of Digitalis Life is the most comprehensive research on online consumer habits and behaviors, conducted among more than 72,000 consumers in 60 countries.

In the race to conquer the online world, many companies have created profiles on sites like YouTube and Facebook to talk to their consumers quickly and cheaply. However, TNS research reveals that if these efforts are not carefully focused on consumer needs, they become obsolete, thus becoming waste.

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