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Twitter and Advertising: in Search of Profitability

Just a few months ago we made reference to the testimony of Biz Stone himself, co-founder of Twitter, who made it clear that at that time, the possibility of including advertising or displaying advertisements on their pages was totally ruled out.However, months later, everything seems to have acquired a new dimension, and the philosophy of this popular microblogging system of dispensing with advertising to seek its own profitability has become a factor to be taken into account, and that clearly leaves the doors open to the possibility of including advertising on their web pages.

Since Twitter began to acquire its great popularity and while its users and participants grew Chile Phone Numbers List beyond 44 million users, many debated about their own viability and profitability without an advertising-based business model.So true could this theory be that no one was surprised that later Biz Stone himself will confirm the availability by the end of the year of different payment services such as premium accounts or commercial APIs for application programming. Without a doubt an important strategic change in search of profitability and economic benefits.

In this way, the established priorities can be confirmed so that for the moment, Twitter continues to value this type of resources and payment services as the best business model, putting it before advertising.Of course, it could be risky to gamble everything on a single card and proof of this is that after the announcement of its new “Terms of Service” the possibility of incorporating advertising into the service is clear.

Although the actual form and format in which advertising could be integrated into this service is unknown, there are multiple possibilities, although with certainty, we could almost assure that traditional display advertising would be ruled out of all of them.Since last Marco’s month, Twitter users have been able to verify in their own profiles the incorporation of a small “box of Tips” where different messages or contextual “advertisements” are displayed that so far are directly related to services, tools or websites linked to the service itself. Despite being presented in a simple and non-intrusive way, this could shed clues about some of the advertising formats that Twitter could exploit commercially in the near future.

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Obviously the advertising possibilities of twitter do not end here. Text ads with a shape and appearance similar to traditional “tweets” could be the most direct and effective way of advertising for advertisers themselves, although surely for many users this would be a more intrusive solution that will probably disappear in future accounts premium or paid.Another aspect to take into account is the continuous growth of mobile technology and internet access through mobile phones and devices such as smartphones and PDAs. According to data from a study developed by the company Rapleaf, 20% of Twitter updates are made through mobile phones and specific applications for these devices.

It is here that we find a new vein for advertising exploitation that comes with the growing trend and increase in mobile marketing and advertising. If advertisers are really looking for an information channel with great coverage and audience where they can promote their products or services, Twitter could become an indisputable pillar even for the promotion of this sector.

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