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Twitter: The Power Of Microblogging In Companies’ Digital Marketing Strategies

The attractiveness of Twitter is based on the possibility of reaching an extremely large number of potential customers through messages successively re-sent by the followers of the company, where each user who reads the messages can become a visit to the company page and, perhaps, a buyer of the products.For this reason, the Twitter account must be fundamentally aimed at disseminating information and content that maintain the interest of followers and help create a relationship of trust with them.

The key is not to seek to Hong Kong Phone Number List promote the brand, but to be interested in its followers and their experiences. Make connections and strengthen communication ties, argue consistently about the causes you support, your values, and any relevant information for your audience. Interact with enthusiasm, take an interest in their opinions and show a willingness to make changes in your strategy, in response to their suggestions.Covering an event with live tweets is a new communication channel. Users who are making tweets about the topics that will be discussed at the event and those who mention the brand or product should then be sought, since they will be the most likely to tweet about the event and thus make it go viral.

To do this, information must be published about what is happening at the event as well as any important announcement from exhibitors or participants. A hashtag (#event) must be created where interested parties can follow the updates and related tweets. This will help to have a real-time report of the acceptance and coverage of the event.Ask questions and communicate with attendees who intend to tweet from the event, as they are the ones who will help spread the word.Finally, the link to the event must be included in the corporate profile, as well as a brief description of it. As in other strategies, monitoring the comments of Twitter users about the event is very important.

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With the advantages of immediacy, Twitter is an excellent method to communicate to customers information about benefits, improvements and updates of products and services, listen and answer any questions, problems or suggestions that may arise.You should follow the people who are talking about the brand, product or service, also those who have common interests or can contribute ideas to improve the company and especially opinion leaders.

Once the conversations have been identified and you have started to follow relevant customers and users of the brand, you can have an idea about what they are looking for from the company, what they want to know, what product information they are looking for.Providing information is important, but it is also important to let followers know that they are being listened to, answering those who have questions, make comments or share experiences about the brand.You can investigate what is being said about the brand with search.twitter and tweetscan, identifying new topics or conversations around the brand. Favstar lets you see who’s favorite tweets, and TweetShare lets you share files, take polls, and create a community on Twitter.

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