Automate Your Email Marketing

Like many small business owners, I used to struggle with making time to create email newsletters, which is ironic since I help Eritrea Email List clients with e-newsletters all the time! It’s not for lack of topics to talk about or the ability to create the e-newsletters — it can just be time consuming. However, with blogs and RSS, you can literally automate your newsletter creation process.

Basically the idea is this: you are already creating articles of interest to your audience and posting them to your blog. So, why reinvent the wheel when you create your e-newsletters? Your blog has an RSS feed (as all blogs do), so use it to automatically generate your newsletter content without rewriting or redesigning. This approach not only saves you time, but will keep your email marketing schedule on track with no extra work on your part. Once the initial process is set up, it will run itself.

So how does all this magic happen? Depending on the mailing service provider’s system, your blog’s RSS feed address is checked SEO EBL every few hours to pick up the latest posts that have not yet been broadcast. The message is compiled according to the parameters you set, and whenever those specific parameters are met, the broadcast message is automatically created and placed into queue for you to review and launch to your list. There are some differences among providers in the specifics, but that is basically how it works.

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