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Users and Consumers Receive The Impact Of More Online

If there is one lesson marketers should learn about the rise, fall and fall of television, it is the one related to advertising. Television managed to exhaust its audiences and advertisements became a kind of drag. You could say that everyone hated advertisements and that advertising was at the top of all viewers’ complaints.In the 90s, hatred of advertisements led audiences to “zap”. In the 10, the satiety before the publicity pushed the spectators into the arms of the VoD. The streaming platforms not only offered series and movies – for a small fee – but also made it free of ads.

The lesson seems rather clear. Consumers can accept brand advertisements and messages Paraguay Phone Number List from the outset, especially when this ensures that they will be able to access content or services without having to pay for them (there is all the growing pull of AVoD, streaming with advertising). However, they do have a limit, one that is not very difficult to overcome. When the ads become excessive for viewers, they will quit.Television is the clearest example that is far from the only one. You just have to think about how many online videos we have abandoned before watching them when they announce that the images – which we know will not last a minute – will be served to us after two announcements.

Also, you can take the youngest as a sample: Generation Z is burned by the excessive weight of advertising on social networks.But the problem is not only in the past of television or in the present of young people and video viewers. The issue is much more cross-cutting: in recent months the average exposure to ads has risen and this has been causing saturation trends to accelerate.As Kantar just explained in a perception study , consumer exposure to online ads has increased over the years. Not only is there more ads, but citizens spend more time online and therefore see more ads. The pandemic, they add in the study, has accelerated this trend: in the last year, consumer exposure to online ads has risen by 4%. That is, they are seeing more digital advertising.

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But this growing exposure comes hand in hand with a negative upside perception: Marketers must find a balance and take advantage of this increased exposure to the network in a way that is unobtrusive and intrusive.The Kantar data shows that they are not succeeding. Consumers feel they are fed up with the ads, although the good news is that this can be improved. Kantar’s study gave “particularly negative” results in the perception of in-game advertising, in streaming video and in streaming music in 2020, but these channels were the ones that improved the most in perception during 2021.

Why do consumers hate online advertising? Each channel has its own list of complaints, which sometimes have to do with its reputation and sometimes with its activity. Advertising on social networks, for example, is viewed in a negative way, starting from a reputational issue.Consumers frown upon it because of its excessive segmentation, which leads to suspicion about how they use the data. In other online channels, the problems come from the very nature of the ads, because they are seen as too repetitive.Welcoming advertisements can help you understand what to do. Ecommerce advertising is seen as relevant and useful.

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