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International.- One of the viral videos this week is a real soap opera, but from real life. A woman is surprised by her husband, with his lover and the latter finds nothing better than trying to flee through the window. Thanks to digital technology, the “black legs” has become famous at all angles, causing the world’s amazement and laughter.It happened in Brazil. The drama begins when we discover the husband and wife arguing on the third floor balcony, prompted by an unknown men’s shirt. The woman throws the shirt to the crowd and the discussion continues, while, in the adjoining window, the woman’s lover is seen trying to get off the hook, as in the movies, affirmed on sheets. Everyone’s screams are confused and the character must jump into the void looking for the mats previously installed by the firefighters.

As there is no recording prior to the events, in Jamaican Email Addresses which the call to the fire brigade to help the lover is discovered or more details of a situation that, if true, would have had many alternatives, in addition to having been increasing, many They have said that it is the recording of a promotion for a program, a very well managed marketing trick , but the truth is that there are no traces that could indicate that this is the truth.

In fact, the original recording in Portuguese, with more than a million visits, is lost amid all the times the video that was released to YouTube earlier this week has been replicated. It should be noted that the visits in each of the repetitions are also quite high.Why are we presenting this? Because it is viral and it gives us a clue of how voyeuristic people are and what may interest us. Passion and betrayal have moved the world forever. Probably used creatively in advertising , they could be highly effective.

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Social media furor for Coachella 2014

One of the most important festivals in the world, Coachella Fest , which will be held in its 2014 version in mid-April in Indio, California, has just launched the sale of the first tickets for the great event, almost a year after the festival. With this, the social networks of comments in this regard have been collapsed and there has been great speculation about the possible artists who will attend this festival.The Coachella festival has been held annually in Indio, California, since 1999 and is already considered one of the most important festivals on the planet. Especially for Alternative Rock, Indie music and Hip Hop.

Today began the pre-sale of Tickets for the 2014 version and thousands of people around the world are waiting to attend. This festival Jamaican Email Addresses consists of two ‘versions’, one will take place between April 11 and 13 and the other, the following week, that is, between April 18 and 20.So great is the popularity of this event that 11 months after the festival begins, tickets are already available (which have a value of around 350 dollars for the weekend) and that also only allows the purchase of two units per user. You can also buy packages, which include accommodation and other benefits.

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