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Ways to Leverage Customer Service on Social Platforms

The global trend of digitization urges us to reinforce dissemination and advertising strategies to better get closer to our clients.According to a recent investigation carried out by Carat , during this year the global advertising investment will register a growth of 3.7 percent, while for 2014 it will reach 5 percent.In this sense, of the total investment that is registered during the next year, it is estimated that spending on digital advertising will cover more than 20 percent, with what is expected to increase by 2 percent per year.In this sense, and to achieve a comprehensive relationship with our clients based on digital interaction, a Conversocial report indicates the 5 ways in which we can benefit:Organic customer approval: studies show that a customer is 4 times more likely to return or recommend someone to try a brand, this shows that online opinions and publications have much greater weight creating an experience of authentic social customer service.

Increase customer value: providing a quality Chad Email List interaction is the tangible difference of competitiveness against your competitors, the use of social customer service is a great opportunity to position yourself well among your customers.Efficiency lies in the social: Encouraging customers to use social digital tools has a direct impact on brand appreciation, a Gartner study indicates that social customer service is eight times more effective than traditional (telephone) interaction.Brand protection: reports of poor service or brand complaints appear first on social media than at the customer service window. The trend is digital.New business opportunities: through digital platforms we can disseminate the latest offers, but we can provide advice on purchasing decisions, which gives the opportunity to impress new customers and in turn retain regular ones by deepening conversations .

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Meet the new editor that Wikipedia will have

Santiago, Chile -. The Wikimedia foundation is making changes to achieve a more user-friendly service. That is why a new editor (for the moment available only for the English version) has been implemented that is much easier to use and that it is hoped will serve to encourage more people to write articles in the most “complete” encyclopedia of network. Here we will show you what this new change consists of.Wikipedia , the most popular and comprehensive encyclopedia on the Internet, has just implemented an editor for its articles, more visual and simple. It basically consists of seeing what you get instantly when changing an item, for this reason the tool implemented is called WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get- What you see is what you get).

This tool, which has been developed by the company for years and is the great step that was missing to finish the classification Chad Email List of Wikipedia, is currently available only in English. It is expected that the editor will be accessible for the rest of the languages ​​during this year (for example, the tool in French will be available on July 15). The WYSIWYG can be used by browsers Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

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