WeChat Mocks Mark Zuckerberg In Ad Campaign

In two different ads, the instant messaging app mocks the creator of Facebook, who recently bought WhatsApp, a direct competitor to WeChat.South Africa.- “Crazy for WeChat” is the new campaign launched on the African continent by the instant 新加坡电话号码表 messaging company, in which it directly attacks its main competition, WhatsApp , in advertisements where they parody Mark Zuckerberg. In the first spot, called “Friends Radar”, a person appears lying on a couch, in consultation with a psychologist, to whom he tells his anguish because he created a social network but lately his friends have stopped following him, to which the therapist responds to use “Friends Radar” to find new friends.

In a second video, Mark’s lawyers are seen confronting the therapist to demand that he stop recommending WeChat to his patients, but the specialist responds that the application is simpler and more attractive because of the stickers.The campaign was created by the agency The Jupiter Drawing Room for WeChat, a company that is in full growth with 355 million users, which puts it very close to WhatsApp and its 500 million users.

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