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How To Become a Succssful Internet Marketer

Sales revenue projections for retail companies are forecast to reach $ 26.83 trillion this 2017, according to Statista. The use of the internet is almost inevitable nowadays, which is why social networks have so much influence. The number of Canadian Email Lists users on the social network could reach 2.5 billion worldwide by 2017, according to e Marketer estimates .The most popular social network in the world is Facebook , with 2.6 million active users, making it a key reference of what brands do on their social networks.Although each platform has a defined strategy, depending on its needs, the truth is that the network co-founded by Mark Lederberg, constitutes a pillar in the digital strategies of every company, as in the case of the following retail chains.The firm has a strategy of giving advice on life and habits to its consumers, which is somewhat alien to its products.

The retail giant opts for influence marketing on its social networks, placing Omar Chaparral at the forefront of its strategy.The company runs an interaction campaign with its followers, in which it encourages them to send it photographs at its facilities and then publishes them on their official profiles.In this case, promotional coupons predominate so that users can make them effective at the physical point of sale; that is, a combination of digital with offline.Julio Regal ado dominated their profiles for a long time, as the company recognizes that it is its most effective strategy for the year.The retail chain promotes an activation in its points of sale where ClubDelSándwich is held, a strategy in which they motivate participation through prizes such as bicycles.

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In the case of this retailer, the focal point is on social marketing, highlighting the contributions they make to the community through SEO EBL foundations.This is how retail chains want to position themselves as the consumer’s favorites to lead the industry whose sales revenue projections foresee that the figure will reach 26.83 trillion dollars this 2017, according to Statistic.

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