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Only controversy has caused in the world of cinema and TV on demand the premiere of Okja, the performance of the Korean Bong Joo Ho who came Ghana Email List to change the rules of the game.
When the organizers of the Cannes Festival announced – once the programming began – that a film had been included without knowing that it was not going to be distributed in conventional theaters, the world of traditional film marketing felt the impact.How could that be possible? Where? When? What movie? The answer is Okja, the film by South Korean director Bong Joo Ho who committed the sin of not going through theaters and premiered this Wednesday, directly, on the on-demand platform Netflix, which also produced it.This not only forced the directors of the Festival to modify their admission policy ( as of 2018 it will only lead to works that ensure their premiere in commercial theaters ), but also generated a worldwide debate about the unimaginable limits of the power of services streaming.

Beyond this, Okja is a good play (according to most critics) in which the oriental filmmaker dabbles for the second time in a production spoken in English. The protagonists are a teenage girl, the Korean An Seo Hiun, and a giant mutant pig.A lot can be “read” in the plot about current “real life” conflicts, including a food processing company, a genetically engineered animal, ambitious transgenic projects, environmental activists and a clearly inspired corporation. Monsanto.

The entire film is a parable about capitalism in a satirical tone that confronts the power of big companies with the tenderness of animals SEO EBL and human emotions. Nothing new really, they already did it from “ET” and “The Endless Story” to “Free Willy”, among many others.After being uploaded to Netflix, Okja will see the cinemas this Thursday, but in an almost testimonial way and in only four markets: the United States (some theaters in Los Angeles and New York), South Korea (with the boycott of the three main exhibition chains), France (seven screenings) and the United Kingdom (in 10 cinemas), published La Nación .

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