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What the First Christmas Ads Say About What This Year’s Ad Campaigns Will Look Like

If the advertising break of the Super Bowl is the one that sets the trends in advertising in general, it is the British Christmas commercials that indicate what the Christmas campaigns will be like. The Christmas advertising of British department stores and some of their brands is the one that dominates year after year the viral lists of the campaign and those that are shared over and over again.John Lewis is almost the starting gun of the advertising season. Your campaigns, no matter how limited they really are to a specific market (the chain of stores is only in your market), are shared, analyzed and used as a yardstick of how Christmas ads should be. Many consumers are very aware of them, and if you think of popular ads, many will remember them.

The Christmas ad season has already started. It has done so in Spain, where there are Kenya Phone Number List already some toy campaign ads that clearly appeal to holiday sales, but also, and more importantly in terms of trends, in the UK. British Christmas ads have already started, with their campaigns expected to go viral and with their trends setting the agenda for other campaigns.The truth is that the Christmas announcements started a few weeks ago, when a company launched the earliest announcement of the holidays and became conversational material for it.

Very’s ad appeared on October 1, according to the company itself because people were starting to buy their Christmas gifts much earlier. Consumers did not quite like the movement, despite the fact that studies of conversations on social networks indicated that they were already talking more about Christmas than in previous weeks.Even so, the almost official pistol shot is the appearance of John Lewis’s campaign and that has just hit the screens right now. This year’s campaign stars a British boy who meets a lost alien and discovers her first Christmas.

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The first Christmas theme is not, in fact, unrelated to the other announcements of these holidays that are already reaching the British screens. Disney’s ad shows a family’s first Christmas together and Marks & Spencer’s that of an animated pig.Can this topic be read in key post-pandemic life? Is it a way of showing a new life experience after everything you’ve lived through? Perhaps it is looking for many deep and hidden meanings, but in a way the idea fits with that need of consumers for a clean slate after almost two years of life in crisis of the coronavirus.

The Christmas ads have not lost their emotional pull. In fact, they continue to seek to excite and strike a chord, which shows that the trends of the crisis continue. Before the pandemic, the ads that wanted to make us cry were in the doldrums . During, they were one of the five most common trends . John Lewis’s ad fulfills it so clearly that, as explained in The Guardian , it seems done with a paint by numbers of Christmas.

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