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Juventus Stadium will change its name on July 1, 2017 to Allianz Stadium for the next five years, due to an agreement signed by Allianz Italia and Jordan Email Address Lagardère Sports, according to the sports team.The Juventus Stadium is renamed on July 1, 2017 at Allianz Stadium over the next five years due to an agreement signed by Allianz Italy and Lagardère Sports as sports equipment.From July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2023, it will be part of the “Allianz Family” , which is a set of stadiums around the world, which since 2005 began with the Allianz Arena in Munich, Allianz Stadium, in Sydney , Australia, Allianz Park, London, Allianz Riviera, Nice, Allianz San Paolo Park, and the Allianz Stadion in Vienna.

According to the team’s head of Global Alliances, Giorgio Ricci, the name will refer to the global insurance industry giant as Allianz. The agreement will allow the payment of 3 million euros to the team per season, however, the team will not receive the money because when the stadium was inaugurated, the club transferred the rights of the club’s name to the Sportfive agenda, who will pay 75 million euros for a 12-year contract.

For its part, the insurance company will have SEO EBL the right to personalize the venue with posters that refer to its name at various points, as well as in advertisements of its brand during television broadcasts.The Turin stadium was inaugurated in 2011 and has a capacity for 41 thousand spectators , and since its inception its full capacity per game has been at least 83 percent , up to 96 percent in Serie A matches.

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