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Why Do Users Stop Following Brands?

More than 90% of consumers who stop following brands and unsubscribe from email lists, do so for reasons related to the quality of content and lack of interest in brand marketing strategies, are the main reasons according to a report by the email marketing company Exact Target. The Social Break – Up, as the study has been called, analyzed a representative sample of 1,500 consumers, analyzing the main motivations for unsubscribing from communities or unsubscribing from email marketing campaigns.

The figures are clarifying, very revealing and of great informative interest for brands, since Poland Phone Number List from these variables many companies can improve their social marketing strategies.With 95% of consumers in the United States using email, the conclusions obtained in relation to email marketing are highly relevant and very positive since it allows them to keep a large part of their followers.Social networks, Facebook and Twitter, have 65% of consumers, achieving 9% of consumers who recognize themselves as addicts.

New Relationship Marketing: Utopia Comes True

Social networks arrived and, what was proposed as a platform designed for personal relationships and the transmission of relevant information, became a new business model resulting in a location within globalization, which allows real-time communication interaction of brands with their target audience. But also … it became a new way of establishing relationships of all kinds.

Traditional tools and the great power of mass marketing are relegated to the effectiveness of online marketing, however there are still edges of traditional marketing that, when well integrated, can optimize the results obtained by an online marketing strategy.We are therefore facing a new era for marketing, the era of relationship marketing, the era of the consumer, the era of trust, in short the era of relationships.

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In this new cycle and with a recently released year in which all projections point to an increase in brands that will make investments in online marketing campaigns, the role of marketing reaches its climax in the relationships between brands and people. Relationships based on feedback that results in satisfaction for consumers and the achievement of objectives for brands.

The key is the generation of trust and sustainable and efficient relationships, in relationship marketing several concepts taken from traditional marketing are combined and after years of remaining in the drawer of oblivion, CRM acquires such a determining role that even the great Google will penalize to brands that do not provide quality service.

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