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Why Reverse Phone Lookup Service Is Not Free, And Landline Numbers Are

Is there a difference between land line phone and cell phone lookup? These phone lookups can be done for free many ways including Cambodia Phone Number List the public phone books. Cell phones can not be looked up in this fashion. They can be looked up for free, cell phone numbers can not.In a reverse phone number lookup when you put the information in and it is a land line, usually or most likely you can get this information for free.

Why do you get this information for free? You get it for free because it is public information. When people sign up for a land line phone they SEO EBL ask you if you want to pay extra to have the phone number unlisted. Most people don’t want to pay anything extra for this service. The land line owner’s information now becomes public information. This information will be listed in a public directory, making it easy to find for free.

Mobile phone companies can not release personal information about their customers. The mobile phone company may have a partnership with other reverse phone number lookup companies, which charge a fee for their services. No public information from cell phones is listed in a public directory. If you want information about a person or number from a mobile phone you must pay a service to get the information you want. Since these cell lookup services have to pay to get the information you can not get the service for free. The cost is relatively cheap, they offer a couple different options, a one time fee or an annual fee. Most offer a money back guarantee.

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