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Yahoo! Network and Nettink Once Again Confirm the Effectiveness of Digital Advertising

The campaign ran throughout the month of September 2008 using a comprehensive digital marketing solution on Yahoo! Network in which it was included: advertising campaign -search and display- directing to the advertiser’s website, editorial promotion and co-marketing directing to a special integrated in Yahoo!; as well as a mobile campaign – the first one carried out on Yahoo! Spain- which linked to the BMW wap page. Advertising on other media outside the Yahoo! network was also included in the analysis.

BMW’s objectives with this campaign were: to increase awareness of BMW EfficientDynamics in general, and ‘Top of Mind’ awareness in particular; make the concept of Efficient Dynamics technology relevant and desirable; communicate the existence of BMW EfficientDynamics and its benefits; and reinforcing the image of BMW as a leading brand in advanced technology.

The memory of advertising on the Internet was 32% (increasing 8 percentage points compared to those not exposed), with the Internet being the medium in which the advertising of BMW EfficientDynamics was remembered the most. In traditional media, the advertising recall remained at 24% (+3 points% compared to not exposed) for TV and fell to 17% and 4% for the press and radio, respectively (without significant distinction between exposed and not exposed). exposed).

The campaign was developed Estonia Phone Numbers List both in the main channels and services of Yahoo! Spain as in other online newspapers and motor-related pages. For online dissemination, creatives were created that uniquely highlighted each of the benefits of BMW EfficientDynamics using different formats: rich media banners, videos and buttons. It should be noted that the average response rate, in terms of click rate, was positive (around 0.3%) and specifically very relevant in video (almost 10%) and mobile (close to 1.5%).

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Despite the general low awareness of technological innovation systems, it should be noted that the campaign manages to increase the notoriety of Efficient Dynamics technology by 4 percentage points and the association with the BMW brand by 16 points. Although the knowledge of the Efficient Dynamics technology is quite low, the association with BMW increases considerably if we compare exposed of the campaign with those not exposed.
As a result of this, those exposed to the campaign associate these values ​​to a greater extent with BMW, improving the image of the brand, mainly in those attributes related to the benefits provided by Efficient Dynamics technology.

For Samuel Martínez, Head of Internet Advertising and New Media at BMW “The study confirms the potential and great contribution of digital media to levels of notoriety and advertising recall, in this case being the most remembered medium of the employees in the campaign . Increase our confidence in digital media to be able to communicate and interact with our current and future clients.

For Sergio González Piñeiro, Director of Customer Services at Netthink “Once again, digital media show that they are capable of making the investment profitable in terms of conventional measurements such as: notoriety, advertising memory, message association, etc. If we add to this the (so often forgotten) value of the time consumed by users, both in the visualization / interaction with the advertising piece and in the navigation after the click action, what more could we ask of an action of communication of a product like this? ”

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For Roberto Campo, Commercial General Director of Yahoo! Iberia, “this campaign highlights the versatility and flexibility of Digital Marketing to communicate all kinds of products. In this case, it is about technological qualities that add value to the BMW brand and, without a doubt, this action has been able to arouse consume.

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