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Youtube Will Share Ad Revenue Among Most Popular Video Authors

YouTube, the popular online video storage website owned by Google, has officially announced that its advertising revenue will be shared among the authors of the most popular videos on the web.In this way, the participation program of YouTube users will be gratified, thus allowing them to generate income with those graphic documents that achieve a certain notoriety and popularity.

Despite the fact that YouTube has not achieved the expected economic profitability so far, it does not seem that this poses a problem to carry out this initiative despite criticism from some Google investors. Although until now, there were ways to generate income thanks to the previous participation program that users could join after a formal request, in this new system, if a video gains popularity, its creator will receive a notification via email that will allow them Start earning money from shared revenue from advertising.For now, this new program will only be operational in the US and at the moment the criteria or the level of popularity that any video must reach to receive this notification is unknown.

85% of Spanish respondents use affiliate marketing

zanox, a global leader in results-based online marketing, has carried out a study on the habits of its affiliates which highlights interesting data on how they monetize the traffic of their websites, what are their action plans in the short online market / long term, your deciding factors when betting on one affiliate network or another.Likewise, the study highlights the importance that affiliates give to the use of ad media, and search engine marketing, in addition to many other applications that contribute to increasing the profitability of this business model that is increasingly in use. boom in our country.

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85% of Spanish respondents use affiliate marketing as an additional income, although in different countries such as France this source of income has become the only and main source for affiliates.Among the business models most used by respondents to monetize the network, the most used is affiliate marketing with 69%. As a second option to make their sites profitable, respondents use Google Adsense, the percentage being 16% and 8% being the CPM business model (cost per thousand ads viewed).

Given the great diversity of Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers List sectors that use affiliate marketing to advertise their products and services (telecos, travel, fashion, etc …), the range of possibilities that affiliates have today to post creativities on their sites is increasing. . Therefore, from the conclusions of the study, it is highlighted that the affiliates who use affiliate marketing as a business model, 75%, carry out this activity on their thematic websites or blogs, with spaces such as social networks being the least used with a twenty-one%.

A curious fact derived from this study is that despite the fact that 65% of those surveyed for this study are active as affiliates in a single country, 15% are planning to develop their business model internationally. The remaining 20% ​​of affiliates are active in various countries and are affiliated with markets where this business model is more mature, such as the United Kingdom or the United States.Specifically in the case of Spain, 48% of affiliates act only at the national level, but it is very significant that 36% develop their business as an affiliate internationally and 16% of them are planning to develop it in the short term in these markets.

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The study carried out by zanox also details the reasons why affiliates choose one or another affiliate network, with two main reasons for their choice: that the advertisers that have the affiliate network are consistent with the content of their websites , and the second, that the commissions are as high as possible. Among other factors that influence when affiliates choose an affiliate network, the quality of their tracking systems stands out.

Affiliate involvement in affiliate marketing has been reflected in this study by zanox. Almost half of those surveyed access their zanox account “daily or several times a day”. 28% being the percentage of affiliates who access “several times a week.” For their part, 25% of high-earning affiliates access the zanox user interface “daily or several times a day”. This shows that affiliate marketing, like any business, requires the involvement and analysis of the affiliate so that it is acting proactively to achieve higher profit margins.

With regard to proactive action and the tools that zanox users use to increase their benefits as affiliates, the study highlights some data of interest. For the affiliates surveyed, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is considered one of the fundamental support activities that encourages their income, turning out to be their preferred Google Adwords program thanks to its bid management.

Likewise, among other web services, considered of special interest for the increase of their online benefits, the affiliates highlight as of special interest the payment services, program services, product data services, and profile services.From the study carried out by zanox it is concluded that affiliation is currently, is and will be, thanks to the development of new technologies, a very attractive business model for affiliates in order to monetize online advertising spaces, being about 60% of Respondents for this study say they will see their affiliate marketing activities strengthened this year.

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